Dog Services

Grooming with Haircut…includes bath, ears, nails, anal glands

  • Small (<20lbs) – $48-$53
  • Medium (20-39lbs) – $54-$59
  • Large (40-79lbs) – $65-$70
  • Extra Large (80lbs>) – $72and up

Grooming without Haircut…includes bath, ears, nails, anal glands

  • Small – $31
  • Medium – $36
  • Large – $41
  • Extra Large – $46
  • Add $5 to $15 more if there is a lot of undercoat to remove.

Tidy Up Grooming

Includes everything except clipping of overall coat length

  • $10 off regular full groom prices
  •  Intro to grooming for puppies not needing a full groom start at $28
  • OODLES (doodles, poodles) add $3 to $9

Additional Services…with a full groom ONLY. Nail trims with full grooms only.

  • Flea Bath – $8+, however at time of drop off dogs with obvious fleas will be sent home to treat first and this will count as a missed appointment.
  • Nail Grinding – $7
  • Teeth Brushing – $3
  • DE-SHEDDING! The “Furminator” greatly reduces shedding while improving coat and skin health. Price according to size and coat length and condition.
  • Paw Pad Treatment…soothes and protects paw pads against the elements-$3
  • Aloe hydrating treatment for dry skin and coat $3
  • BLUEBERRY Facial! New! $5…great for tear staining, eye gunk and dirty, stained mouths.
  • Medicated soak, gentle antibacterial Chlorhexidine soothes yeast infections and dermatitis $9, $11, $13 +
  • An additional fee may be added in cases of extreme matting, biting, and difficult behavior including excessive defecating and urination.
  • SHEBANG! includes Nail Grinding, Teeth, Paw Pad, Aloe, and Blueberry Facial services…$15


Thank you for not only doing a great job with my dogs, but it’s a good feeling to know that they are in such capable and kind hands. You did an excellent job as always.  Thank you
Betsy, Harvey and Mindy

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