Cat Services

We are now grooming cats and kittens, with two groomers present at all times. Charlotte was the feline cat attendant at the Stanton SPCA and is now our cat specialist! She does amazing work grooming cats, a natural.  Proof of rabies must first be sent via text to (302) 559-4681. Unfortunately we cannot accept cats with fleas or fractious cats.

Services We Offer

  • Lion clips – $55-$65; add a bath for an extra $20
  • Comb out, nail trim, and bath – $40-$50
  • Nail trim – $10
  • SOFT PAWS…a pet friendly alternative to declawing, $30 for front set.  $1 per claw removal if needed. In a variety of colors!












Soft Paws



Thank you for not only doing a great job with my dogs, but it’s a good feeling to know that they are in such capable and kind hands. You did an excellent job as always.  Thank you
Betsy, Harvey and Mindy

Pay Now

We accept Paypal if you would like to pay with a credit card. We do not currently accept debit or credit cards otherwise.