Our Policies

Your pet(s) will be groomed in my home, which means your pet does not have to be here for a long day, in a kennel, surrounded by other barking dogs. This makes for a short and low stress visit. We are registered with New Castle County and insured by State Farm. We are also certified in pet first aid and CPR. Choose whether you want your pup in a short, no fuss clip or the breed standard. I can do either. Or we can come up with a plan together. I give each of my clients personal service. Whether you are fed up with the box store grooming, high prices, or just relocating, give us a try. I’m not saying this is the most typical groomer you will visit, but sometimes that’s a good thing! Please, use a leash, it’s the law.

Everyone loves not having to leave their dog for hours! Most grooms are done in an hour or two, and home they go! However, when someone doesn’t show up, or cancels with very little notice, an appointment is wasted that someone else could have taken. 24hrs prior notice is respectable. Medical emergencies of course are forgiven. Otherwise, these missed appointments will require a deposit of 50% of the groom price to reschedule (non refundable), and a $10 to $20 rescheduling fee per dog will be added as well. Two no shows in one year will be a $20 to $40 rescheduling fee, our business depends on reliable clients!

NEW CLIENTS…we welcome you with a$10 deposit per pet, non-refundable.  Paypal available.

Proud volunteer groomer for the Stanton SPCA!

We close by 5pm every day. A $15 late pick up fee will be added per half hour for any pets left here later than 5pm.


Thank you for not only doing a great job with my dogs, but it’s a good feeling to know that they are in such capable and kind hands. You did an excellent job as always.  Thank you
Betsy, Harvey and Mindy

Pay Now

We accept Paypal if you would like to pay with a credit card. We do not currently accept debit or credit cards otherwise.